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Nosara’s New Night Spot: Chaman

By Adam Dietrich

Bass beats are once again booming from the dance hall of the former Banana Bar in Nosara. A newly opened nightclub, Chaman has filled the space left after La Banana closed in April, and it’s a place as unique as its owner.

As a musician, William Freeman, a.k.a White Abbot, toured all over the United States and occasionally abroad he’s worked with big acts including some of the Marley’s, and more recently toured with Pato Baton, a tour which had him performing at the Tropicana Discoteque in March.

“I’ve been a dj, producer, worked in bands, I know tons of acts (and) running a nightclub, dealing with bands that won’t be hard for me, but I want to add cabinas, a restaurant maybe host full-moon parties,” he said.

The bar opened on June 12 in the middle of a rainstorm. Whether it was the weather or a lack of advertising the opening night had a low turn-out, about 25 people. However, a week later more than 100 people packed the bar on June 20 to check out a performance by American Reggae band Watosi.

Freeman said the bar’s focus will be on attracting a more local crowd. He plans to do this by selling beer for 1000 colones and gearing certain nights to local music taste. 

The reception so far has been positive, Andrés Gutiérrez, a.k.a. Cacho, was at Wednesday’s show; he likes the new look. “The place is a lot better now than the old place,” he said. “The music is better, the lights are better, the vibe of the people are better, and the experience is better.”


Photo by Adam Dietrich

Photo by Adam Dietrich
Photo by Nosara Shack

Freeman says he feels blessed to have Chaman now, although he admits the reality is mostly hard work. “I don’t get to bed until 3am, but then I’m back up again at 8am.” In addition to the daily operations of the bar, he is also preparing the rest of the property.  

Right now the only thing open is the bar, but Freeman plans to have cabinas, a restaurant, and to be making full use of the property by November 15. “My philosophy is you have to put in the work, invest in it from the beginning,” he said.

“Right now I’m working a lot just to get things started, cleaning out the buildings, the grounds, getting things growing. We put all new bamboo in the bar up top,” commented Freeman about his efforts so far. 

Freeman says the bar’s name, Chaman, is an homage to the natural world in its own right. “The name is inspired by indigenous peoples for their connection to nature,” he said, “I hope to bring that vibe and mentality to the place.”


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