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The Legends of Nosara

By Milagros Gallegos


Legends about the origin of the name Nosara are varied. In some of them, the Chorotega princess Sara is a heroine, and in others she is a traitor. Which legend is true, we don't know, but what we do know is that there are two characters common to all the stories: the princess Sara and the chief Nicoa. 
The preschool kids of Kids University Nosara and students from Bocas de Nosara high school celebrated the "Guanacastequidad" on Friday, the 15th and Friday the 22nd of July, as a way to honor the zone of Nosara and at the same time recover the customs of the province of Guanacaste. Thus they decided to create a theatrical work presenting two versions of the origin of the name Nosara.
Participants in the representation included student Julia Arrieta Eduarte, crowned as the corn queen from Nosara high school, and Marlon Noguera, a student at the academic center Semillas del Mundo. Julia compiled and presented stories from her grandparents, and Marlon Noguera, on the other hand, told the legend that he had heard during his life in the town. 
The legend of Marlon was that Sara and the chief Nicoa were lovers. Nicoa, after being captured by Spaniards for defending the gold and jade of the natives, was tortured and Sara, in an attempt to protect him, started to divulge where the treasures were, and therefore Nicoa stopped her by yelling, "No Sara, No Sara!!"
On her part, Julia's legend told that Chief Nicoa's tribe was invaded by Spaniards and then Nicoa asked Sara to take the gold in order to run away with him. Sara took the gold and climbed up to the highest cliff above the river, where the Spaniards cornered her. Sara retreated and looked back to see that her beloved Nicoa was dead, and she said to the men: "If my love doesn't live, I don't either," throwing herself into the river with the gold. The strong currents drowned her while the other members of the tribe yelled, "No Sara, No Sara Nooooo!!!"


More Community News

Japanese Tradition Arrives in the form of Silk Artistry

Nosara – Locals and tourists were introduced to the traditional art form of Japanese silk painting known as Rozome at a reception July 25 at the Mandala boutique.

Jacob Story Continues: Five year old scheduled for surgery after second MRI

A second MRI revealed Jacob Cameron’s brain tumor growth has increased in size by 20 per cent over the past four weeks. A biopsy was scheduled for Friday July 29th at noon. Results from the brain surgery will be available within a week.

A Community Success: $10,000 Raised to Save a Life

On July 16th, residents and visitors to Nosara raised almost $10,000 to assist the family of 5-year-old, Jacob Cameron, who was diagnosed with a tumor in his brain stem.

Funds Will Be Raised to Save a 5-Year-Old's Life

Saturday, July 16th, might be the day that will save the life of a 5-year-old boy who has been diagnosed with a brain tumor. A poker run fundraiser, organized by the local community, will take place at Marlin Bill’s Restaurant, ending with a raffle of a flat-screen TV and a silent auction in an attempt to raise the necessary funds for his treatment.

CREAR Volunteers Create Mural in Samara

Shiny bits of tile in blues, yellows and green now dazzle the wall between the police station and the beach in Samara. The sea-theme mural was created by CREAR and school students from Samara and El Torito.

Samara and El Torito
students learn about energy

CREAR, a nonprofit program that hosts after-school educational programs for Samara and El Torito school students, is adding a new aspect to their activities: monthly in-school assemblies. In June they completed their first round of assemblies, teaching students about non-renewable and renewable energy sources.

Emergency Committee in Need of
Warehouse for Storing Supplies

NOSARA – The Nosara Emergency Committee has taken its first big steps by submitting a report to the Comisión Nacional de Emergencias (CNE), in regards to the risks that Nosara could face as a result of a natural disaster. With this, the local committee is preparing to serve the community based on information provided by the area's residents themselves.


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