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August Astrology Report

By Ashley Laux

When Mercury turns retrograde on the 2nd, it is time to focus on the details. Keep your eye on the ball, as social interactions return to the foreground. Communicate needs and desires clearly to avoid mishaps and confusion. There could be frustration around group activities. Pay close attention to event planning and coordination to make sure things get successfully off the ground.

Fiery Mars moves into Cancer on the 4th and we begin to pay attention to what tugs at our heartstrings. Move gently towards your desires, and follow your gut towards what seems honest and true. Take care of your own needs, so as not to be let down by others. Do your best to try not to take anything personally at this time.

Neptune retrogrades back into Aquarius on the 6th, offerings us one last chance to make advances in the greater community. Use this opportunity to bridge like minds with others around the globe, using technology and collective awareness. Allow a new vision for the future to unfold.

Mercury returns to the sign of Leo on the 9th, were it spent most of July. We may revisit the past as things begin to move with greater speed, and we will be prompted to make new decisions as the variables continue to change. Be gracious in all your connections and temper self-indulgence with humanitarian pursuits. Lend a helping hand.

The full moon in Aquarius on the 13th calls for renewed friendships and enjoyment of others who share your cause. Clear away any perceived failures or blocks to your happiness. Focus on the positive, and keep the faith that, no matter what, there is something wonderful brewing on the horizon.

When Venus moves into Virgo on the 22nd it is time to focus on greater discernment. Be aware of the underlying energy in partnerships and finance. Avoid acting critical and communicate perceptions lovingly to avoid hurting.

The new moon falls on the 29th in Virgo, asking us to spend time in nature getting clear about our intentions for the future. Allow recent disappointments to roll off your back. This is a new beginning, and the work ahead is becoming clear. Focus on what lies right before you, and trust that the rest will be taken care of. Be grounded in today, and do your best to make it beautiful.

Many blessings and pura vida!


More Entertainment News

First wine tasting in Carrillo
The Pleasure of Understanding Wine Step by Step

After sipping a glass of wine, you might be asked if you like it or not, but pause a moment before you decide. “We should learn to understand the wine before saying if we like it or not,” recommends professional wine sommelier Randall Calderon Chacon. 

Wine Tasting in Playa Carrillo
Traveling through the vineyards of Argentina

As in the cultural cities of the world, the wine tasting tradition is strong in Costa Rica’s capital, San José. Learning about wine is something more and more people from costa rica are becoming interested in; how to recognize the aromas, appreciate the delicate flavors and scents and learn to perfectly pair foods with different wines, is what attract these connoisseurs to the world of wines.

Reggae Legend Asher Selector Brings Music and Message to Nosara

Patrons at Nosara’s Tropicana Nightclub were treated to the tunes of international reggae artists Asher Selector and Raldo, August 6. Asher, of Geneva and Raldo of Switzerland performed to a captive audience Saturday night.

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