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Reggae Legend Asher Selector Brings Music and Message to Nosara

By Samantha Pollock

Patrons at Nosara’s Tropicana Nightclub were treated to the tunes of international reggae artists Asher Selector and Raldo, August 6. Asher and Raldo of Switzerland performed to a captive audience Saturday night.
Doors opened at ten p.m. and by 11 the concert began. With dreadlocked hair down to his knees Asher manned the turntables and a microphone, while his younger counterpart sang on stage. The enthusiasm of the 200 strong dancing crowd’s applause and cheers spoke to their enjoyment of the guest performers. Although Tropicana has hosted much bigger crowds the energy was high on Saturday night. 

“It’s exciting to have such big names in little Nosara! These guys are amazing, and they are so down to earth!” said Nosareño, Antonio Zuniga, between sets. 

Asher, a veteran of the music industry has performed on every continent and plays everything from rockers, dub, roots to ska and hip-hop reggae. During the 30 years he has spent devoted to Reggae and other similar music forms, he has collaborated with a lengthy list of artists including Mad Professor and the Black Eyed Peas. As a part of the duo’s Costa Rican Tour, they made a one night stop in Nosara to share their music and their message. 

“We’ve got a message! Reggae is a movement; its unity music, it is more than beats and a melody.  It’s music about injustice, of love and soul” said an enthusiastic and ageless Asher after his performance Saturday night. 


The genre originated in Jamaica and is largely associated with Rastafarian beliefs and lifestyle.    Rastafarianism encompasses a rejection of western society but is rooted in Christianity. Less of an organized religion than a movement or way of life, the Rasta creed encourages people to find faith and inspiration with in themselves as well as from the bible. It is largely through Reggae music that Rastafarian ideologies have been spread. Notably, Bob Marley generated interest in the Rastafarian movement through his melodies and lifestyle. 

“Reggae and Rasta go hand and hand for me. When we sing we share knowledge and our beliefs, we also share a vibe, we are part of a strictly conscious reggae movement, we want to elevate our audience with God’s wisdom and power,” said Asher. 

Though Reggae originated in Jamaica in the mid 1900’s it has since become the music of choice in Central and South America. More and more artists from the region are producing their own Reggae music. 

“We love coming to Costa Rica, the audiences are very receptive to our music here, and it’s a great mix of culture. I love the Latin dancing mixed with the reggae beat it makes for a killer vibe,” said Asher. 

Raldo, a shy guy with a huge voice, is relatively new to the scene when compared to his mentor and musical partner. After studying Rasta tradition and belief he made the switch from strictly ska music to the reggae genre in 2005. The two have been collaborating ever since and released a new album titled Musical Road with band Najavibes in March of 2011. The performance at Tropicana featured several songs from the new album. Nosara was the last stop on the Costa Rican tour. The morning after the concert the two artists were San Jose bound. Next on their agenda are concert dates in South Africa and Eastern Europe.  


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