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Quiksilver Pro NY 2011 ROUND 2 Do Or Die at the Quiksilver Pro

By Andrew Berlin, Correspondent Long Beach
photos courtesy of quicksilver and Brian Bohlman

Bebe Durbige

This Wednesday 7 was a day for elimination, its time to start narrowing down the pack, as these surfers each fight like wolves to sniff out that $300,000 first place prize. The Hurricane generated surf is here and with waves like this there is no time to waste. Round 2 of surfing began at 7:30 am. First up was local boy Balaram Stack against 2 time world champion Mick Fanning. Mick won the heat and from there 12 more heats were held until midday when round 2 was over with the best surfers advancing to round 3.  

Round 3 began an hour later and Taj Burrow riding a new firewire surfboard started it out with big airs as the swell was now reaching overhead status.  The pros are chomping at the bit now that Hurricane Katia's swell is here and only getting bigger for the balance of the competition. Up next this Thursday 8 is the finish of round 3 and the start of round 4. Finals are expected to be held Friday morning.


Bobby Martinez Sounds Off

We caught up with Bobby Martinez who has officially quit the tour but came back to surf in the New York contest. When we spoke to Bobby he was in a good mood saying he was stoked to be in town and riding for a new sponsor.  

Little did we know just how upset Bobby was with the current state of surfing on the ASP Tour. On a sour note, he voiced his opinion to a Quiksilver cameraman today after he won his heat.

The rant went as follows:
"First of all, I'd like to say (and the ASP are going to fine me) 'cuz I don't want to be a part of this dumb f***ing wannabe tennis tour. All these pro surfers want to be tennis players. They want to do a halfway cutoff. How the f*** is somebody who's not even competing against our caliber of surfers ahead of 100 of us on the one world ratings. They've never been here. They've never fu**ing made the right to surf against us, but now we're ranked upon them. Come on now. That's Bullshit. That's why I ain't going to these stupid contests no more. This is my last one because FTW, my sponsor is here and I just tell it like it is. This is my last one and I don't like tennis. I don't like the tour… Who gives a f***? You know what I mean?" "I've been here before. I love this city. I'll tell you right now, if my sponsor wasn't here, I wouldn't be here for this dumb contest. ASP? They f***ing…surfing's going down the drain thanks to these people."

The ASP has officially disqualified him. Bobby would have met world No.1 Kelly Slater in Round 3. Slater now advances directly to Round 4

official post from the ASP


Catching up with Australian Owen Wright
By Andrew Berlin

We asked our readers if you could talk to any pro and ask them a question who would it be. Luigi Montiel requested us to find Owen Wright from Australia currently 5th in the world.  

Wright placed 2nd at Teahupoo, the last spot on tour, losing to a questionable decision by the judges giving Kelly Slater the win. VON was lucky enough to catch up with Wright just outside the hotel, you can't miss him, he is probably the tallest surfer on tour at 6'3" and looks like a gladiator.

VON: "Hi Owen, welcome to Long Beach its great to have you here, can we ask you a few questions about the tour?

Wright: "sure thing mate great to be here go right ahead"

VON: "What are two things you like about the world tournament and two things you do not like.

Wright: "Well you get to go to great places like this, and basically just all the places in general, and secondly the people that you get to meet at those places. What I Don't like? hmmm well all the airplane rides, and sometimes there are no waves."

VON: "Have you ever been to Costa Rica and would you go back?"

Wright: "Yeh I've been to that beach break with black sand and good surf what's its called?"  VON, "Hermosa?"  "yeh thats it, yeh I would love to go back some time"

VON: "Can you give any advice for young surfers looking to make it"

Wright: "just practice practice and go surfing every day"

VON: "lastly , do you think the judges in Tahiti were fair to you"

Wright: "yeh well I think the judges were fair I think they have been good all along, I just need to get some better barrels"


More Surf News

Final Quiksilver Pro NY 2011
Owen Wrights Revenge

Yesterday was one of those days where you turn to your wife and say "honey the kids are staying home from school", and by the looks of things on the beach either the unemployment rate is very high or a lot of people called in sick to work. Either way you did not want to miss the action.

Round 4 with surprises at the Quiksilver Pro NY 2011
"I've never beaten Kelly and I'm just so stoked right now", Josh Kerr

The world's best surfers tore through a marathon on the day 3 of competition with some incredible performances to decide the event's quarterfinalists in pumping six foot (1.5 metre) surf.

Quiksilver Pro NY 2011 Round 1
Bad weather brings good waves

Every surfer knows that you need low pressure and bad weather to make good surf, and the sky was grey and rainy here today in New York as the contest has begun. We woke up to offshore winds and a small groundswell, enough to run the first round. The swell is only growing and by the time the finals come around in a few days we will see the largest surf. Everyone is starting to see what Long Beach can offer.

Quiksilver Pro NY 2011 Opening Ceremonies
Ladies and gentlemen start your engines.

Today Monday the 5th was the opening Ceremony in New York. The day began at 11 am with a traditional Hawaiian Lei ceremony blessing the event given by Hawaiian ambassadors of Aloha Mel Pu'u and Titus Kinimaka. All the surfers lined up and then the blessing was given in traditional Hawaiian language and Leis were put on all the surfers.

Quiksilver Pro NY 2011 Wildcard competition Nolan Grabs Final Spot

Its amazing what these guys can do in small surf. On a day you might pass up, these pros are turning nothing into something. By the time you make one bottom turn they make 3 slashes. Truly amazing to watch as the 16 athletes trying to gain the wildcard spot. Competition started this morning at at 8am.

Quiksilver Pro NY 2011
Surf Contest Moves Forward Despite Hurricane Irene Damage and VON Is There to Cover the Event.

Hurricane Irene battered the shores of Long Beach NY with a direct hit a week before the Quiksilver Pro was to start, but the city of Long Beach is digging themselves out and the contest will go on. Voice of Nosara is in New York based out of Long beach and will be posting news, results, pics and video on a daily basis.

Quiksilver Pro NY 2011
Talking to the pros on a practice day

Yesterday Saturday September 3th was a day of practice, the contest site was still getting its finishing touches and it was a perfect day to see some of the pros in the surf without the crowds. One might think that the pro's are unavailable or have attitudes of greatness, well, exactly the opposite.

Crocodiles in the Ocean: Myth or Truth?

How many times have you heard the rumor that crocodiles surf the ocean during September and October? Surely several times, especially if you live in Playa Guiones, Peladas or Ostional. But many times rumors are just that, rumors, so in order to free myself from all doubt I have taken on the task of finding out if this is true or not.

Don Redondo Part 19

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