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Goyo's Stitches

By Oliver Pérez

Gregorio Guevara Espinoza, 60 years old, is one of the best-known tailors in Nicoya. Known as "Goyo", he passes hours in a corner of the living room in his house in the center of the city. With scissors in hand and his sewing machine, during these days he prepares most of the apparel for elementary and high school students who will participate in the processions on September 15th.

Gregorio Guevara Espinoza says he celebrates Independence Day from his sewing machine.


In the 47 years that he has been living with threads and needles, Gregorio has developed his skills in making clothing, and since more than 15 years ago he has been dedicated to fashioning berets, pants with adornments (decails of the flag on the sides), caps, typical dance dresses and leggings, among another types of clothing.

"There are days like this when a lot of work comes to make clothing that the students will use. The good thing is that everything is made quickly, but I have to hurry because they always bring it only a week in advance," said Gregorio.

Gregorio related that he celebrates Independence Day from his sewing machine. Every stitch that he makes in the costumes fills him with patriotic emotion, knowing that he has this country in his heart.

He said that he does it with complete affection upon seeing the students march proudly in the patriotic colors. To him, sewing or doing what is asked of him for these patriotic days fills him with pride.

In his peaceful corner, his work is interrupted by some students who arrive and ask if what they commissioned is ready while others arrive to give him more work. Goyo, the preferred tailor of the students, knows he has a limited number of days to finish what he has pending for September 14th, just one day before his product will be seen in the streets by everyone.


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