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OIJ Operation in Nosara
"Miseria" Arrested

By Emiliana Garcia

  • Main drug dealer in the area was arrested
  • Police found about 2 million colones and lots of drugs

On Thursday, October 21, in a raid in the neighborhood of Los Arenales de Nosara, the anti-drug office of the OIJ in Nicoya and San Jose seized a large quantity of drugs, about 2 million colones and two men.

The men arrested by the police were the Lara Mendoza brothers. They are of Nicaraguan nationality, and one of the brothers is known as "Miseria". According to Santos Gomez, sub-Chief of Tourist Police, Miseria "is the main drug dealer in the area."

The OIJ had been working on the case for nearly 5 months and had previously made purchases with marked bills. On the day of the raid, a Police infiltrator made a purchase with marked bills, according to Santos.

FROM A PREVIOUS VON ARTICLE – During a nightly patrol on Sept 10th, the police came across “Miseria”(in the middle). He is a well-known drug dealer in this region. Generally when he is caught, he can’t be arrested, because he usually doesn’t carry anything on him. But that night, the police actually could arrest him as he was caught almost in action. Read the entire story about the Nosara Police Department from the September Issue here.

He said officers climbed the mountain that overlooks the backyard of the Lara Mendoza brothers’ home. When the infiltrators who made the drug purchase gave the signal to proceed, it brought about an immediate police action against the inhabitants of the house. Shots were fired into the air to neutralize the reaction of the targets of the raid, Santos told the Voice of Nosara.

During the operation, which lasted more than 8 hours, fifteen OIJ officers participated along with two officers of the Nosara Police department, Judge Carlos Bermúdez, the general Attorney of Nicoya, Silvia Cubillo and defender of the people Loyda Douglas.

The detainees, who had a history of possession and sale of drugs, had their passports updated, indicating that they were leaving the country regularly to ensure their immigration status.

For now, they are in jail in Nicoya and could be given 3 to 6 months in preventive custody until sentencing.

More Regional News

Weak Government Surveillance in Regards to the Quality of Bottled Water

  • Bottling companies obtain permits to begin commercial activities -- no long-term quality control in place
  • Bottled water costs one thousand times as much as tap water

When you purchase a bottle of water, are you sure of its quality? You might want to think twice before saying yes since neither the Ministerio de Salud, AyA, or the Ministerio de Economia monitor the quality of the water that is bottled during the companys’ operations. More >

Southern Guanacaste's Tourism Fair
The ICT is Promoting Tourism in Samara and Nosara

  • Hotels are looking to attract national and European tourists
  • Crisis and the dollar's instability are affecting the sector

The Instituto Costarricense de Turismo (ICT) hosted the Fair “Descubrí Guanacaste Sur” (Discover Southern Guanacaste), which was held on October 9th and 10th, at Multiplaza del Este in San José with the participation of the Samara Tourism Chamber and the Nosara Tourism Chamber. More >

2010 Nicoya Mayor Elections
Campaign for mayor surpasses $100,000

Five of the political parties competing for mayor of Nicoya are spending more than one hundred thousand dollars on their campaigns. The candidates have confirmed this with VON. 

The Christian Social Unity Party (PUSC), with Ovidio Jiménez as candidate, is first on the list. To date, he has spent $10,000 and is preparing to pay out another $28,000 in what remains of the campaign up to December 5, Election Day. More >



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