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From Yellow to Red to Yellow Again: Communities Remain on Alert

By Arianna McKinney

After another night of heavy rain, the skies have cleared and water levels are dropping in the rivers but some damage remains in communities of Nosara and in Chinampas in the district of Samara.

Juan Luis Ramirez Rojas, coordinator of Nosara’s emergency committee, reported that the level of the river has gone back down, cars are again able to pass over the road by the gas station that was flooded and buses are running normally. However, he noted that there are still problems along the roads where drainage pipes were damaged, and they remain on yellow alert as a preventive measure.

Although there were rumors about problems with some bridges, Ramirez Rojas said they have inspected the bridges and found that they are in “perfect condition.”

Even so, the Red Cross said they plan on putting a tape on one side of the Rio Montaña bridge to Ostional as a warning and preventive measure, according to Carlos Villalobos Espinoza, president of the Nosara Red Cross. He explained that the base of the bridge was washed out and that when you go up the bridge there is a hole underneath that might be dangerous.

Although the National Emergency Committee never went to red alert, the Nosara Red Cross did declare red alert locally around 2 p.m. on Thursday, October 18 and remained on red alert until about 5 a.m. on Friday, when the rains stopped and they went back down to yellow alert. The Red Cross operates with its own internal protocols, explained Villalobos, and they decided to declare red alert because of the rivers flooding. 

The road on the gasoline station in Nosara is open now but it was complete
flooded on Wednesday October 17.
Nosarenean Adriana Ramirez took this picture of the bridge over the River
Montaña on Thursday October 18 at 2 pm, and said that only 4 wheels cars
could pass through since the water on the Ostional side were as high as
the "knees"

On Friday morning, members of the Red Cross set out to monitor for possible landslides and found two in the area of Los Angeles near the water tank of San Juan; however the landslides are within the mountain area and not affecting roadways.

In the district of Samara, Syndic Bonifacio Diaz reported that the mountain community of Chinampas is cut off because the creek flooded and washed out the drainage pipes, cutting off the road that exits toward Carrillo. Sixteen families in the community are also without water, along with the school and the church. In addition water from Mala Noche river entered the squatter village known as Pueblo Nuevo in El Torito of Samara.

In Samara Center in front of Villas Pepitas, the drainage ditches were saturated so water inundated the road, making it difficult to pass through as well. 

The El Niño affect that was causing unusually dry weather has ended and the last part of October will be the rainiest part of the year, according to Meteorologist Luis Alvarado, so be prepared for more rain in the weeks to come.


More Regional News

Restoration of Colonial Church Will Cost $200,000

One of the structures that suffered damage from the 7.6 magnitude earthquake was the colonial church of Nicoya, which was built in 1544. Plans for its restoration are now underway, according to Adrian Vindas, director of the Conservation Center of the Patrimonial Church. 

Development Association Asks for Urgent Intervention on Nosara-Zaragoza Route

On Thursday, October 25, the Nosara Integral Development Association (ADIN) submitted an “urgent” request to the Municipality of Nicoya and the National Emergency Commission for intervention on the Nosara-Zaragoza emergency route since “we are incredibly worried that due to climatic conditions we might end up isolated again,” like what happened in November of 2010.

Bridge Over Rio Montaña Has Foundation Problems

The National Roadways Council (CONAVI) inspected the bridge over Rio Montaña after the 6.6 magnitude earthquake on Tuesday, October 23rd and determined that it doesn’t have structural damage; however, failures were detected in the refill approaching the bridge.

Bill Aims to Regulate Real Estate Activities in Country

The Costa Rican Chamber of Real Estate Brokers (CCCBR) wants to create a law that regulates and professionalizes real estate activity in the country. 

Nosara Under Yellow Alert for Flooding

At around 11 p.m. on Wednesday, October 17, yellow alert was declared for flooding in the Nosara area as a result of a low pressure system in the Caribbean Sea that has been causing strong intermittent rains.

Commission Formed to Negotiate Tecocos Law Project
Commission hopes legislators will vote in favor on November 1st

Representatives of the coastal communities, including Ostional, are pushing forward to pass the proposed Coastal Territories Law, known as Tecocos.

The Reality Of Realty In Nosara And Samara

A long, tranquil beach, great surfing, a plethora of yoga classes, and all within walking-distance from your day-to-day life, It sounds like the perfect creative environment, and for many, it is.

OVSICORI Rules Out Large Release of Energy By Nosara Quake

An earthquake of 5.3 magnitude shook the Nicoya peninsula on October 10th, this time with a depth of 22 kilometers and located three kilometers south of Nosara. 

First You Couldn’t Come Back, Now You Can’t Leave – Still Best to Pay Traffic Fines

A new, “new” system will stop foreigners with highway tickets from leaving the country, under the new Ley de Transito.

Relief Will Come Little By Little To Families Affected by Earthquake

The Costa Rican government will designate a fund of 3 billion colones ($6 million) for assistance with houses that suffered light or moderate damage after the September 5th earthquake with epicenter in Samara.

Suspect of Argentinean Murder in Samara In Prison

A man with the last names Dixon Obregon is behind bars for at least three months while investigations continue of his involvement in various crimes.

Samara Earthquake Produced Physical Changes in Active Volcanoes

Due to increased activity, closure of access to the craters of Rincon de la Vieja and Turrialba volcanoes was recommended by the National Seismology Network (RSN) after a study of the giants after the September 5th earthquake, with epicenter in Samara.

Matapalo de Samara: Robbery Suspect Captured

For a TV and a fan, a young man is now facing the justice system. Garcia Obando, Nicaraguan, was arrested by the police at around 8:30 p.m. on Wednesday, October 3rd and taken to Nicoya to the public attorney’s office. 

September Pictures and News

Members of Communities Affected by Earthquake Help Victims

About a month after the September 5th earthquake hit, hundreds of families have still not been able to recover; however some are offering a helping hand. Neighbors, associations, local committees and even strangers have donated their time, money and physical labor so these families can overcome hardships. 

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