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Eco-Chic – Nosara Weddings

By Samantha Pollock
photos by pinar istek

Nosara is known for many things, jungle, monkeys, beaches, turtles and waves, to name a few, but what about Nosara as a wedding destination?

Travel far enough off the beaten path, down a very beaten, jungle-shrouded, road and you will find a quaint little beach community. Miles from civilization, paved roads, street lamps and side walks, Nosara is deep in a thick jungle. Visitors from every corner of the globe are drawn to its world renowned surf, natural beauty and budding yoga community. But in in a place where rubber boots are considered a reasonable pairing with dressy dinner wear and bug spray is the only au de toilet, Nosara, unlike other tropical destinations, makes for a less than likely wedding destination.

Despite Nosara's rustic nature and its lack of all-inclusive beach side resorts – the most common type of venue for destination weddings – this little hole in the jungle is well equipped to serve as a picturesque setting for the utmost romantic of weddings.



For years local hotels have offered wedding packages to visiting couples, but Colombian, Nina Arias, decided to take weddings in Nosara to a whole new level. For Arias, Nosara seems like the perfect place for lovebirds to get hitched

"It is ideal for adventurous couples looking for a unique destination wedding. It is a great place for both those who are eloping and want a small ceremony and those who want to accommodate for anywhere from 20 to 200 guests," said Arias.

According to Arias the wedding industry in the area is experiencing an upward trend. Over the last five years she has seen a handful of smaller weddings, but recently Nosara is becoming a sought after tie-the-knot spot. She attributes this, in part, to Nosara's reputation for sustainable, eco-friendly tourism.

"Many couples are staying away from the big resort style cookie cutter wedding and vacation that other destinations like Tamarindo and Manuel Antonio offer, more and more brides and grooms are incorporating eco-friendly aspects into their wedding and some are going that extra step and utilizing a responsible tourist destination." said Arias.

Many of Arias clients take advantage of the opportunity to make their special day less of an eco-impact than traditional weddings. Planning an eco-friendly wedding does not mean leaving out the glamour, sparkle and romance of a traditional wedding, it just means finding new and chic alternatives to creating the same idea.

Thanks to a rich biodiversity and beautiful natural settings planning green is a no-brainer in Nosara. A wide range of eco friendly products and services, such as recycled stationary, drift wood decorations, low impact alters, to seasonal produce, local, organic meals, to "eco-chic" party favors.

So, if you are up for an adventure, don't mind being serenaded by monkeys, pocked, dusty roads or getting the train of your dress a little dirty than Nosara might be the right place for you to say your I do's.

For weddings in Nosara, you can contact:
- Nosara Weddings and Event
- Harmony Hotel
- Gilded Iguana Hotel
- Lagarta Lodge Hotel
- Casa Romantica Hotel


More Community News

“Girl Scouts” willingly serve the Nosara Community

From the month of November until July of next year, all of the girls between seven and nine years of age are welcome to have fun and join the Nosara Girl Scouts troupe. The group of girls are referred to as “The Brownies,” and they meet once a month, the first Sunday of each month. 

Yoga Community Gathers to Celebrate 11-11-11

11-11-11. Is it just an interesting date on the calendar or an auspicious day signaling the dawning of a new age? I suppose that’s a matter of belief, but with ancient prophecies and the ending of the Mayan calendar on December 21, 2012, many people believe the earth and its people are headed for a major change.

Yoga House Offers Kirtan Concerts in Nosara

A concert and workshop by the musical duo Aykanna, which offers Hindu kirtan chanting strongly blended with soul and jazz, is being sponsored by The Yoga House Nov. 26 and 27.


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