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Art Created to Heal 

By fritz elmendorf

Tantra says: accept yourself as you are


Mexican artist Juan Carlos Saldaña, presented a beautiful showing of lino prints with an emphasis on the feminine form, “Amarte. Crearte Sanarte,” at a showing Monday December 21st.

The title of the exhibition means ‘Love yourself. Create yourself. Heal yourself”, and it is an intention for yourself as well as an intention for others, Saldaña said. “This work of eight pieces is an offering, an invitation to heal, a representation of the sacred that is manifested in search of aesthetic balance. If the art does not serve to heal, it does not work,” he explained to Voice of Nosara.

In this latest incarnation, the multi-talented Juan Carlos Saldaña, said he now prefers to express himself in the three dimensional manner that is allowed by the linoleum carvings and print process. He said the process of carving the images allows him to feel more connected to his work, and it reveals an intimacy that captures the viewer’s attention.

The prints reward one’s contemplation by revealing multiple layers of images hidden within other images. Titles such as “El Tantra dice: aceptate tal como eres”, or Tantra says: accept yourself as you are,” help shape the total aesthetic experience of the numbered works. “Do not put distance between the mundane and Nirvana,” he commented about the piece.

Saldaña has showed photography and paintings locally and was a founder of the Nosara Art Project which brought a series of local artists to display at the Harmony Healing Center

The exhibit will continue until Jan. 16 at the new Mandala boutique, next to Organico MiniMarket, in front of the Hotel Café de Paris.



The Fall


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Four Designers Show their Creativity at the 2nd Nosara Fashion Show

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Samara Fiestas Dec 29-Jan 2 Will Benefit School

Samara’s annual end-of-year fiesta is being planned for December 29 to January 2. The proceeds from the fiesta will benefit Samara’s school, according to Freddy Mendoza Elizondo, president of the commission for the town fiesta. He invites everyone to come and “Have fun with the mechanical rides and the tasty food typical of the zone.” More >

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