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Samara ASADA Will Continue Without Fiscal 

By Arianna McKinney

On Saturday, November 26th, Samara's ASADA hosted its annual assembly in the community hall to elect members of the board of directors, but no one wanted to take on the role of fiscal, a post which has been vacant since early 2011 when Ronny Briceño resigned.

The fiscal is the person who ensures that projects are being developed well, explained ASADA's administrator Eduardo Arnáez, and the role sometimes involves accusing others or getting involved in disputes. Without a fiscal, ASADA continues meeting as normal, but they have to continue to look for someone willing to fill the important role and then hold an extraordinary public meeting to approve the election.

One person present at the meeting, Alvaro Teran Sauter, was willing to be fiscal but was informed he didn't qualify since he wasn't yet associated with ASADA. The fiscal must be an enrolled member for at least one year.

The current board members will continue in their respective roles: Carlos Esquivel, president; Alba Castillo, vice president; Deborah Nezil, secretary; Emilce Steller Ramirez, treasurer; Ramon Lopez, first vocal; Daniela Retana, second vocal; and Marta Rodriguez, third vocal.


More Regional News

Efforts of Samara Community to Improve their Security have Paid Off

In the meeting last night, Dec. 14th at 6pm in Intercultura, the Costa Rican Police Commissioner Juan José Andrade presented his official plan 2012 for a "Sámara Seguro" (Safe Samara) with a power point presentation given to an audience of approximately 25 police officers and 65 community members.

Interview with Tobias Holler, Architect and Professor of NYIT
New York Students Competed in a Design Contest for the New Nosara Recycling Center

A group of 50 students at the New York Institute of Technology (NYIT) participated in a competition to design a building in the middle of a dry tropical forest: a recycling and educational center for Nosara. Their challenge was to create a sustainable building that would stand up to extreme climate conditions. 

Attorney Who Conducted Study for City Hall is under Investigation for Plagiarism
• Report focused on illegally occupied properties on the MLZ
• City Hall paid $8000 for study

Nicoya's City Hall is investigating an attorney, whose last name is Bravo and who was hired by them last year, in order to determine if he plagiarized a report issued by the National Comptroller's Office (Contraloría General de la República) in regards to the Maritime Land Zone (MLZ), which he presented as his own work.

Multi-force operatives focus on Samara and Nicoya

On Sunday, November 20th, an operative was conducted in Nicoya canton by officials of immigration, the municipality, MINAE, Incopesca, transit and the public force, including 15 officials and two vehicles, according to Nicoya Public Force chief Adriana Cordoba. "We're going to be doing more operatives," she promised.

Donated Police Patrol Cars Require Funds to Be Repaired and Start Patrolling the Streets

On August 27th, Mario Zamora, Minister of Public Safety, signed a cooperation agreement with the Nosara Development Association (Asociación de Desarrollo Integral de Nosara - ADIN), establishing that the police would receive two vehicles to patrol the area.

Guiones Tourist Police / Nosara
Security Association

Only eleven (11!) people came to the recent annual meeting of the Nosara Security Association. A representative of the Guanacaste Tourist Police was on hand to discuss the possibility of the Ministry of Security taking over the payment of rent and utilities for the Tourist Police office on Guiones.

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