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May Astrology Report

By Ashley Laux

As May begins the energy is still running high. The new moon falls in earthy Taurus on the 2rd, offering us a chance to slow down for a minute, and catch our breath. Relax a little, and indulge your senses. Begin to support the seeds you have planted and ask yourself: how can you nourish your new creations in order to help them take root? Get down to work and stabilize our ideas. Take stock of your dreams, and fortify new manifestations. Focus is on the material World. Be dependable and solid and avoid feeling vulnerable. Don't resist to change.

Mars moves into Taurus on the 11th, instilling the feeling that slow and steady wins the race. Allow your desire for security to fill you with patience. Maintain a calm resolve as you strive towards your goals. Focus on one or two projects at a time, instead of spreading yourself thin. Keep always in mind to be practical and persevering. Burn off excess energy with rigorous physical activity. Work on creating concrete plans for the future, and getting results.

Mercury and Venus follow suit on the 14th, and communication gains power. Be eloquent in your verbal delivery, and poetic in your expression. Chose your words wisely and see another's view with compassion. Seek out harmonious surroundings and social activities. Enjoy the beauty of nature and flowers. Make love. Use your actions to show others how you feel. Invest yourself wisely, and develop lasting commitments.

As these three planets find conjunction in the second half of the month, so our speed slows considerably. Focus on being a soothing and supportive friend to others. Maintain a steady pace as you move towards your goals.Guard against stubbornness and jealousy. Be loyal in your relationships, and generous with you affections.

The full moon falls on the 16th in sexy Scorpio. Contemplate the ocean, and the teeming life that thrives below the surface. Take to the garden, and plant anything you wish to root deeply. Stay up late and gaze at the stars. Delve into your process and allow all that needs healing to become known. Use your inner power to purge wounds, transcend damage, and shift course. As you clear out the depths of your psyche, focus on what feels good. And allow the rest to just fall away.

Many blessings and pura vida!


More Entertainment News

Salsa Classes in Nosara Town
Move Your Body to the Salsa Rhythm

On an early Monday evening, more than 10 Nosareños filled the dance floor at El Rancho Tico restaurante, sweating to the moving rhythms of Salsa. This specific group has been paying attention to the Salsa beats more than three months now.

Nicoya Symphonic  Orchestra played at Samara Beach
Pleasant Evening of Music Benefits Samara School

As the sky darkened on Saturday, April 30th, and stars began to dot the heavens, about 110 members of the Symphony Orchestra 25 de Julio tuned their instruments in a candlelit open-air theater behind Intercultura School in Samara Beach.

Cultural History of a Nation: Nago de Nicoya

He greeted me from behind an almost 30-year-old, rusty and tired Olympia typewriter at his place, which is a few blocks from the Samara Beach. He wasn't writing. Instead while listening to the waves, he was reading one of his many books. The smell of the ocean was blending into the smell of the old book pages.

Ten Years of Live Music at the Gilded Iguana
The story behind a Tuesday Night tradition

If it's Tuesday, it's live music night at the Gilded Iguana, and that's been true since 2001, ten years ago. Back then, right back at the turn of the millennium, Nosara was sleepy and undiscovered. "People were starving for live music," remembers Steve Coan, who with fellow musician Joe Davis can be considered the "Founding Fathers" of the local music scene.

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