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Sámara’s Health Clinic Refurbished Community Festivities Produce Funds
By Ashley Steyaert

Sámara’s public EBAIS health clinic has recently been renovated; a project funded “practically by the people”, according to EBAIS Sámara general practitioner Dr. Fulvio Paniagua.

The festivities held in the Cangrejal neighborhood of Sámara at the end of March 2010 raised some 5,180,000 colones in rodeo ticket and booth sales, which were immediately put to use to paint the interior and exterior of the building, repair the roof of cracks and leaks and replace glass missing from three windows Dr. Paniagua, says that a private contractor from Grecia underwent the renovation, and that a portion of the money raised also served to pay off a debt due for some work done on the clinic walls in December of 2009.

Dr. Paniagua explains that the renovation “has been done because the land does not belong to the Caja (of Social Security). The Caja does not fund [these projects because] the land on which the EBAIS clinic is built belongs to the municipality [therefore] it must be [done by] the people.” He adds, “we’ll see if we can do another activity here this coming summer to raise more funds” for the clinic.

Nicoya Health Area Administrator Sandra Abadia confirms “that lot belongs to the Municipality by right of possession, [however, she adds] that nevertheless the lot is not the most suitable to have a health center due to the fact that it is in the Maritime land zone.” She further explains they authorized the festival to be carried out in order to collect funds to repair the EBAIS building for two reasons: First, “because the building had a closure order from the Ministry of Health and the ability of continuing to provide health service there was at risk” and second “because health service depends on all Costa Ricans. If this activity hadn’t been carried out to improve the building, we were thinking about moving the practice to Carrillo.”

According to Abadia ,the Nicoya Area of Health “didn’t collaborate [with the fundraising] because the process of sending funds is not simply. First engineers have to do an inspection, then issue the results and will later depend on the proposal of what health center necessities are included or not included.” She concludes, “Our objective is to receive the donation of a lot which complies with certain characteristics to later generate funds to build a new building.”



More Community News

Summer school in Samara by CREAR
Dreams come true for local kids

La Asociación CREAR just finished up another two weeks of camp with the children from two elementary schools in the Sámara area. As always, the camp was free to the local kids and provided a chance for supplemental learning during their time away from school. More >

Elkhart, Indiana Youth Rotary Works in the Library

The 22nd of June saw the arrival of six recent high school grads representing the Youth Program of the Elkhart, Indiana Rotary Club. Along with their three chaperones,  the young people worked for three days in the library, organizing and cleaning books and shelves and putting new books in the library inventory. More >

Auction for the Arts: putting art supplies in local kids’ hands

Nosara – The children of all eight public schools in the Nosara area now have the means to expand their education through one of the oldest and most enriching creative outlets – Art.

The Surfing Nosara Foundation (SNF), and local art curator Nina Arias, worked together to raise nearly $4,000 at Nosara’s first annual Auction for the Arts event, which hosted nearly 100 attendees at the Vista del Paraiso Restaurant on June 26th. More >

LETTER TO THE EDITOR – Staging conceived under the notion of political jealousy

I am making use of my “right to respond”, in regards to an article published in the past edition of your newspaper, on page 32, and to which I will refer in the following way:

IN REGARDS TO WHAT WAS PUBLISHED: I understand the goal of journalism and its publications, but I believe that these must always be done in an objective manner and that what is being published must always be true. More >


Once upon a time there existed a beautiful area, set amongst the green lush tropical dry forest. Most of the inhabitants were happy with their peaceful lives until one day, an ogre decided to sell a piece of their property to a giant corporation to create a metal monster, only for their financial well being, and not taking into consideration the well being of those around them. More >





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