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Rainbows of Inspiration

 by Rev. Karen Haskin
“Ceremonies of the Heart”

April in the USA is Organ Donor month; the perfect time to share this story of a young couple’s courage and their joy and appreciation of every moment.

In July, 2010, I received a telephone call from a couple desiring to renew their wedding Vows. Courtney explained that she and her husband, Michael, thought it would be the perfect time to do a Ceremony of Renewal – not just for their vows – but also for their future together.

Prior to Courtney and Michael’s wedding, she was diagnosed with a rare lung disease and by their wedding day, Courtney was in a wheelchair and on oxygen. Mike, lovingly cared for Courtney, while together, they endured the wait for a lung donor. On St Patrick’s day 2009, Courtney received a double lung transplant. This visit to Nosara, was a first vacation for this young couple; and, an opportunity to celebrate a new beginning for their marriage and their life together, with the promise of a joyous and abundant future.

Our intimate group gathered on Guiones beach - Courtney, Michael, two new friends, coincidentally both named Peter; and, myself to officiate. With sunset near, the sky looked surprisingly clear. We created a sacred space and began the Ceremony. As Michael spoke of his love and devotion for his wife, he mentioned that they must not forget to thank “Peter” who had made Courtney’s life possible. The “Peter”, Michael referred to, was the donor of the lungs that were now alive in Courtney.

We ended the Ceremony with all of us feeling touched and enriched in a special way. I suggested we still pay attention in case “Spirit” or “Mother Nature” surprised us in some way.  Almost immediately, a huge lightening bolt shot directly from the sky to the earth. Then a rainbow began to grow and the colors became brighter and brighter until it was a full brilliant rainbow and then the second one began. Coincidence? Synchronicity? The Touch of Spirit?

For the next 48 hours, I was literally on a “high”. All personal troubles and concerns had dropped away. Like Courtney, I was filled with Joy and Happiness – a Lightness of Being.

Courtney Ferriera and Michael Kerrigan are happy to report that two years after her double lung transplant, Courtney continues to feel wonderful!


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