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Surfing Nosara Foundation’s Second Annual Fundraiser in Nosara
Art for Art

 by Pinar Istek

Two folkloric dance groups from Serapio López Fajardo Elementary School of Nosara performs at the end of the night

On Saturday, April 16, a crimson sunset embraced a crowd of almost 260 people, while the soft ocean breeze of Pelada Beach filling the breaths. Surfing Nosara Foundation (SNF) held the Second Annual Auction for the Arts at La Luna restaurant. The event ran from 4 to 8 p.m.

The auction netted $7, 832, about twice last year’s total. Eight-six pieces were entered in the auction and all but 2 or 3 pieces were purchased by the art lovers of Nosara.

Nina Arias, an art curator and dealer and one of the event organizers, said, “We were just so thrilled with the whole evening in general. The turnout was great.” The President of the Foundation, Sarah Antonson, also commented, “Really, we are just speechless about how successful it was and excited about what we can now do for the public schools.”

Since 2010, SNF has been donating art supplies to local public schools. In return, schools donate the art back to the Foundation for sale. The Foundation auctions these pieces off along with more artwork donated by other artists.

Eventually, income from the auction goes back to the public schools as new art supplies to create more art. This has been the main idea for the auction’s first two years.

With the doubled proceeds of this year’s auction, plans for the next year have grown. Arias said that “We can actually implement an art program. Before it was just delivering, donating art supplies." Antonson added, “Now that we are working with such a quantity of funds, we are toying with the idea of introducing art instructors to the schools, which would provide jobs for locals, and give children a better opportunity to experience and appreciate the different materials that we are able to bring in.”

The climax of the night was when the folkloric dance group from Serapio López Fajardo Elementary School of Nosara enchanted the crowd with their performance. Glowing into the night in their traditional costumes, performers were proud to be the center of attention.

Antonson commented, “I think it is important to remember where we live. Sometimes we lead separate lives here in Nosara. But to be able to celebrate the land that we live in and to try to preserve the heritage of the people and the richness of the culture that is here is invaluable. In that regard, it (the Proyeción Folklorica Nosara performance) brought the event full circle.”

In addition to the performers, many of the students who contributed work to the auction enjoyed this year’s event too. Hillary Jannina Guiterrez Matarrita, 9, a 4th grade student from Las Delicias School said that she was happy to be a part of the auction and have her work seen.

The joy of the night was shared by both the buyers and the creators of the art. John Vaughan from Florida commented,  “I like seeing kids (who created many arts pieces for the auction) and kid art.”

A novel element of this year’s auction, Paint Your Surfboard, also attracted attention and made a significant contribution to the total collected. Local tattoo artist, Manuel Castro painted six boards and generated $230 for the foundation.

Recognizing the auction as a success shared by many including the schools, the foundation and Nina Arias, Antonson said “Thanks to the community and everyone who came and made the event such a success.”


Throughout the event, guests visit the section where the artworks are
exhibited at La Luna restaurant

The auction hosts many pieces, created with last years's art supply donations by the local public schools and donated back to the foundation

On April 16, 2011, the students from Las Delicias School, who contributed to the auction with three paintings, reach for their lunch that is cooked and served by the Surfing Nosara Foundation.

Tattoo artist, Manuel Castro paints surfboards as his contribution to the

Organizers of this art event, Sarah Antonson and Nina Arias give a speech about how the bidding works


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