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La Soledad Brought 2000 Cyclist Together

By Pinar Istek

Photos by Pinar Istek

Lico Ramirez, 37,  a professional cyclist said “ it was beautiful.  It was really hot but it was good,” after winning the first place at La Soledad mountain bike rice.  He finished 58 km route in 2:02:35.

The race brought 2000 professional and amateur cyclists to the area on its first day on Saturday April 27. As a two-day weekend event national level, the race brought jobs to the area residents in Playa Carrillo .

Looking back in the history of the race, it has come a long way.   When it was first organized, there were 150 participants only.

La Soledad mountain bike race was organized at Playa Carrillo for the 12th time, according to the director of the race, Luis Cubero. A San Jose resident, Cubero runs a business, Ciclo Guilly, where he sells cycling gear.

La Soledad is not the only event that they organize. La Vuelta Master and Vuelta AL Lago Arenal are amongst the other cycling events they organize at national level every year.

Cubero chose Playa Carrillo for this mountain bike race because of the land’s convenience. He said, “it is big. There is a lot of space and the beach is very attractive for the racers and their family and friends. “

Marconi Duran and Jonathan Carballo, of Alajuela, won the couples 1st place with 2:02: 44. The team was sponsored by Coopenae, Movistar and Economy Rent A Car. It was their 3rd year of wining the couples’ first place. The two who are professional cyclists said, “we are very happy to win the race”. As cycling being their job, they said, “ we train. We eat. We sleep. That’s all we do. “


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La Soledad Brought 2000 Cyclist Together

Lico Ramirez, 37,  a professional cyclist said “ it was beautiful.  It was really hot but it was good,” after winning the first place at La Soledad mountain bike rice.  He finished 58 km route in 2:02:35.

Registration Opens for La Vuelta de La Soledad Mountain Bike Competition

The 13th annual mountain bike competition of La Vuelta de La Soledad is scheduled for Saturday, April 27 and Sunday, April 28, and registration is now open for the competition’s three events: mountain bike (58 kilometers), route (82 kilometers) and athletic (9 kilometers).  Athletic event is a new addition this year.

Catch and Release Tournament for Fishing, Fun, and Recycling

On Saturday April 6 and Sunday April 7 Nosara enjoyed the annual Ship of Fools Fishing tournament.  A Catch-and-Release tournament held in Playa Garza, with the funds being donated to the the Nosara Recycling Center, this was a weekend of fishing for fun and a good cause.

The Mantarayas of Nosara participated in “Guapoticos 2013”

Nosara’s swimming team, the Mantarayas (Manta Rays), visited the city of Santa Cruz for the second year in a row to participate in the “Guapaticos 2013” swimming championship the weekend of March 16 and 17.

Safer Skating Venues for High School Students

The month of March gave birth to new skate venues in two small communities of Guanacaste. Villarreal of Santa Cruz and Nosara of Nicoya high schools now offer their in house skateparks for their students.



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