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Firefighters and Security Committee Join Forces

By Rodger Dwork
Nosara Citizen Journalist

The Nosara fire department and the security committee have decided to join forces and will now be known as the Nosara Safety and Security Association. Both groups have similar goals: providing safety and security to the general public residing in the Nosara area. In addition, both parties are operated fully by volunteers and funded solely by donations. Recognizing these similarities, discussion between the two groups over the past few months led to the mutual decision of working togetheras one in order to promote safety and security for the area and hold more efficient fund drives.

Agnes Pineiro, treasurer of the group, explained that the new Nosara Safety and Security Association will operate under the legal entity of the Asociacion de Seguridad Comunitaria de Nosara (Nosara Community Security Association). The firefighters are now part of the association and they are using the same bank account.

The association has a website called Nosara Watch, www.nosarawatch.com, which provides important phone numbers, security tips and updates.


Members of the security committee and the volunteer firefighters agree that Nosara is at a critical point for addressing safety and security issues, such as earthquakes, flooding, fires, increased robberies and break-ins.

Rick Chalmers, a board member stated, "As the community grows, so will the security and safety concerns grow. It will be beneficial to the community as a whole if Nosara is prepared for all of our future challenges. If we do not act now and become prepared, we will fall behind and never be able to catch up."

According to Agnes Pineiro, preventing crimes before they occur can best be achieved by awareness, preparation and getting involved so the association encourages individuals to report all suspicious activity and persons to both the police at 2682-0075 and to the association, [email protected]. For fire emergencies, a cell phone has been set up that will always be carried by the firefighter on duty who can be contacted at any time. The number is 8709-0614.

Some new projects are already underway for the Nosara Safety and Security Association. A member of the association's board surveyed locals, tourists and expats at the intersection by Café Paris and found that six out of 10 people don't know what section they were living or staying at, and nine out of 10 did not know their lot number.

Since sections are quite big and spread out, just providing a section is not sufficient for police, firefighters or Red Cross to respond to an emergency efficiently. "Better organization will make better efficiency," said Ryan Bombard of the volunteer firefighters.

To address this issue, wood signs will be installed on the main road designating the different sections of the area, with the contact numbers for the tourist police and the firefighters. A large map of the sections and lots will be hung at the tourist police's office and all safety and security personnel will have copies of these maps.

Another project involves putting upmetal signs down by the main beach parking areas to make visitors aware that they should take precautions with leaving valuables unattended, both in their cars and on the beach. Local emergency contact phone numbers will also be listed on these signs.

Please contact [email protected] or [email protected] if you would like to assist or donate to security efforts.


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