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Perro Bravo Shows Two Sides of their Music in Local Shows

By Fritz Elmendorf

Cushe band set up a big screen and special lightening in La Banana Bar

The band Perro Bravo brought a taste of its Southern California blend of surf-punk-ska music to Bar La Banana Saturday night, leaving an enthusiastic crowd wanting more. And with an impromptu show the next night at Guilded Iguana, that’s what they got.

Band leader and founder Michael “Miguel” Happoldt drew material from the period he was associated with the band Sublime as producer and guitarist, and his later work with the Long Beach Dub All Stars, including hits such as Scarlet Begonias.

The main event Saturday night was a full-powered mosh-pit-friendly set, with about 150 people, ready to party, although some were disappointed in the relatively short 45 minute set that started at midnight.

The Ojo De Buey band from San Jose got the crowd warmed up at La Banana with their energetic brand of Latin reggae-rock. The four-year-old band brought five of their seven members to the Banana venue and is set to release their first CD in January. Manager Michele Vanderputten said the band’s songs are inspired by positive vibrations with lyrics such as “No a la depresion” (no depression) and “no queremos polucion” (we don´t want pollution), in songs like “Soy Hombre de Otro Tiempo.”

At the Gilded Iguana. The unplanned follow-up gig was relaxed and perfectly captured Nosara’s chilled-out attitude. Many of the same faces showed up when they got word that Miguel and his bandmates were so impressed with Nosara’s friendly vibe that they wanted to give a free show at the Gilded Iguana.

Drummer Greg Lowther, a founding member of the seminal long beach punk band “Falling idols," demonstrated a range of talent over both nights, setting a nice pace Sunday night with nothing more than a guitar case. 

On bass, the third member of the group is Long Beach local Mike Long, who splits his time between Perro Bravo and a long beach super group named “Warchurch,” which includes veterans of Sublime and the Long Beach Dub All Stars.


Miguel with Erick Prestinary

Miguel and reporter Fritz Elmendorf during the interview

Miguel’s musical production work continued after Sublime on the Skunk label, which he cofounded with Sublime singer Brad Nowell, who died in 1996. He most notably and recently worked with the band Slightly Stoopid, but Miguel told Voice of Nosara that consumer electronics and file-sharing has destroyed the ability of such bands to make money selling CDs.
Now, he just enjoys playing and a more relaxed lifestyle, and said he is particularly enjoying the line-up in and out of the waters of Playa Guiones. He was invited here by his old SoCal friend Ryan Bombard, who turned to Alejandro Gutierrez, owner of Su Papa Production, for help with production arrangements.

While the current sound owes much to the original ska-punk sound of Sublime, Miguel lists additional musical influences as Big Star, the Meat Puppets and Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros.

The Cushe brand of beach-oriented footwear is helping to underwrite the tour, which includes engagements in Jaco and San Jose.


More Entertainment News

Art Created to Heal 

Mexican artist Juan Carlos Saldaña, presented a beautiful showing of lino prints with an emphasis on the feminine form, “Amarte. Crearte Sanarte,” at a showing Monday December 21st. More >

Sublime Spirit in Nosara: a Night of Pure Ska and Punk

Perro Bravo, a California band led by Mike Happoldt, known as the "fourth member" of Sublime, will be performing on Saturday, December 11, at La Banana Bar/Club.

According to Alejandro Gutiérrez, representative of "Su Papa Production" and coordinator of the event, this Saturday you can expect "a good dose of music ranging from punk to reggae through other genres, with the spirit of Brad Nowell in the air." More >

Christmas Shopping in Nosara: More Options Than You Think

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Four Designers Show their Creativity at the 2nd Nosara Fashion Show

Hot on the heels of the success of last year’s Nosara Fashion Show, is its successor the 2nd Annual Nosara Fashion Show on Friday December 17th at Estancia Nosara Private Club. The Fashion Show promises a night of music, fashion, and cultural events on the stage, organized by Colombian Curator Nina Arias. More >

Samara Fiestas Dec 29-Jan 2 Will Benefit School

Samara’s annual end-of-year fiesta is being planned for December 29 to January 2. The proceeds from the fiesta will benefit Samara’s school, according to Freddy Mendoza Elizondo, president of the commission for the town fiesta. He invites everyone to come and “Have fun with the mechanical rides and the tasty food typical of the zone.” More >

Nosara Presents Candidates for the Fiestas Cívicas 2011 Queen

On Friday, November 19th, the Pageant Committee of the Asociación de Desarrollo Integral de Nosara (ADIN) presented eight Queen candidates, who will be selling coupons in the area’s communities during the next two months to raise funds for the ADIN. The candidate who raises the most money will be crowned Nosara’s next queen. More >

December Astrology Report

December opens on the winds of change.

When Venus returns to Scorpio on the first it is time to feel deeply, and honor the truth that lies in your heart. Explore sensuality. Live passionately. Quality is apparent right now, so remember to back up your words with actions and intentions. More >


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